About Amy and True Core Health 

Hey there! I am the wellness specialist behind True Core Health and Fitness. I am excited to see that you are interested in pursuing work with me. I know it can be difficult to find the right fit in wellness work, so here is some information about me so you can know more about my approach. I pursued a degree in counseling after working as a goal coach in the Houston area. I found that I needed more tools to communicate effectively with my clients and I felt that a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling was exactly what I needed. I am also a Certified Coach through XPT (Extreme Performance Training) ; this training allows me to do group fitness classes and personal training in Denver. 

Through my work as an XPT Coach I take client’s through a variety of experiences so that they can find their edge. In addition to ice baths and sauna sessions, we do breath work, mobility work, and interpersonal coaching to learn what you need to reconnect with your body.

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True Core is all about connecting clients to what is most important to them. I am passionate about utilizing goals and values to give clients a clear vision into what they want for their future. I know lack of motivation or a lack of vision can get in the way, which is why I am passionate about traveling alongside my clients in their journey to increased self awareness and upward movement. Whether you are looking for online coaching, personal training, breath work, or traditional talk therapy, we will find a path that works for you.

If you would like to see me for traditional talk therapy, please contact me through Southwest Counseling Associates at 303-730-1717 EXT 251. 

If you are interested in online or in person coaching or personal training please reach out over email or through the form below!  


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